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5 Signs It May Be Time for New Gutters

March 27th, 2015 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Installaton |    0   

clogged_gutters.jpgBelieve it or not, the gutters on your home are a very important amenity. When they are working properly, they direct water away from your home's foundation and help to prevent water problems inside your house. 

Many problems with standing water or rotting construction can be blamed on gutters which are no longer working properly. 

What are the signs that you need new gutters? 

There are five signs to look out for: 

  1. Visible cracking and leaking.  Gutters come in sections. Their joints are covered with sleeves to ensure rainwater moves seamlessly through them. Older gutters inevitably begin to split along these sleeves and small leaks will eventually give way to larger ones.
  2. Paint peeling away on your house. When gutters break or leak, water spills out of them and with no place to go, will soak the paint on your house, resulting in paint peel and decay.
  3. Mildew on walls, around windows and doors may be a sign of your gutters not working properly any longer. Check for blockages and test to assure that water is flowing completely into the gutter and not clogged.
  4. Standing water anywhere around your home is a sure sign that leakage is happening somewhere close by. If gutters or downspouts are broken, they can no longer direct water away from your house, resulting in areas which never dry and collect rainwater.
  5. Watch for rotting roof shingles. If areas of your roof, especially near the edges, seem to deteriorate quicker than other places, this could be a good indication that gutters are no longer performing to peak satisfaction.

If you walk outside and catch raindrops on your head when it's no longer raining, you know you need new gutters. 

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