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Can rainwater collecting truly make a real impact on my water bill?

March 26th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

It’s a practice that’s been used by humans since the first home was built. All throughout history, men and women have been collecting rainwater for later use. Large barrels were left outside, collecting valuable water that would later be used for drinking, watering crops, and cooking.

Rainwater collection is starting to become popular again, as more and more places are encouraging residents to adapt their drainage system and have a smaller impact on the municipal water system.

But can this actually affect your water bill?

In the city of Vancouver, each new single and two-family home must have a water consumption meter installed. This meter tracks the water usage and the rates are calculated so that the average water user pays a flat rate. If they use less than the average user, their rates go down.

Using a rainwater barrel

So the less water used from the city, the cheaper the bill. By collecting rainwater from a cistern and using it for such things as watering plants, a homeowner will find their water bill going down, especially if they’ve got a huge garden or many thirsty pets.

Another question is whether the money saved by rainwater collection offsets the cost of installing a different drainage system and buying that cistern.

That all depends on how well you install that rainwater system and keep it maintained. By contacting Precision Gutters, who do everything right the first time, you can feel safe in knowing that the gutter system has been installed properly and professionally. They also offer incredible maintenance service, cleaning out your gutter system as well.

Precision Gutters can help you install a top-grade rainwater system solution and help conserve water usage and save you money in the long run. We have great rain barrels that we can install as part of your new gutter system.

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