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Cleaning Your Gutters Now That Spring Has Sprung

May 30th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

Spring is around the corner and that brings an opportunity for exterior home maintenance. Cleaning gutters has many benefits. Not only will a professional gutter cleaning remove debris that weights down gutters and clogs water flow, the visible surfaces of the gutters are scrubbed clean increasing curb appeal and adding to the lifespan of the gutter system.  While the gutters are being cleaned, it is also an opportunity to inspect for wear and tear, damage and potentially an evaluation for a more effective design with updated materials if the gutters are several decades old.

Dams and Waterfalls

BC is known for it’s blustery coastal windstorms, and days of drizzly downpours, so it is no wonder that most gutters build up layers of debris over the winter months like a persistent beaver damming up the water flow. Any number of items are blown into gutters by the wind or dropped in by birds and squirrels. Gutters fill up with items such as grit from asphalt shingles, rotting leaves, maple seeds, acorn nuts, pine needles, cedar boughs, fallen twigs and branches, so there are plenty of moist surfaces for moss and slime to grow in your gutters and clog the water flow. When the rain, hail and melting snow cannot get to the drain, it starts to overflow in the middle of the gutter and the result resembles Niagara Falls. This is not good for your gutters or your foundation where the water is pounding into the already saturated ground below.

Hire a Professional for Hassel Free Gutter Gleaning

Homeowners know that the gutters need to be cleaned twice a year; the chore takes several hours and is usually not something most people look forward to. Climbing a ladder is not the safest of chores. It can be prohibitive due to poor health or simply because the roofline is several stories up and the ladder will not reach. Once up the ladder, there is the chore of trying to pull out the guck and goo into a bucket or letting it make a mess all over the ground below. After the section at arms reach is brushed and hosed clean, then the ladder needs to be moved over again. Usually a spotter is required to hold the ladder, pass up the hose, empty the bucket and call 911 when something goes wrong.

But there is an easier way! Call Precision Gutters today for a free estimate. Our experienced team will book the appointment and confirm the date and arrival time of the crew. When the crew arrives, they will use a vacuum extraction system that easily sucks up the guck, right into the truck. After clearing out the gutters, they wash the gutter system exterior surfaces with mild detergent and leave them looking like new.

While the gutters are being cleaned, the crew will also inspect and report any damage or deficiencies with the gutter system. Precision responds to urgent emergency calls when clogged or fallen gutters are causing damage to the dwelling and with a computerized client recall system will automatically prompt for recall, so homeowners do not have to remember when gutters are due for a cleaning. The professionals at Precision are available to book any time of year for cleaning of gutters, roofs, windows, siding and building exteriors for residential homes, townhomes, condos, workshops, storage sheds, barns, retail or commercial buildings and high-rise accommodations.

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