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Good Guttering Will Keep Your House Happy

June 26th, 2015 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Installaton |    0   

Roofs can get expensive, so good guttering is clearly an investment – good guttering also protects the structural integrity of the entire home. 

Guttering must stand up to the heaviest rains as and the weight of snow and ice so good design and planning are essential. The slope of the guttering should be engineered to promote a steady flow of water away from the roof so that pooling is prevented and seepage into support structures cannot occur. That said, too much slope and the downspouts can flood. The correct gradient and the placement of supports and downspouts must serve water flow dynamics as well as the look of the building, its design and local weather. 

Downspouts and drains also need regular checking as they can indicate problems occurring higher up in the system. Well-constructed and maintained guttering channels water away from walls and foundations. If gutter drainage is managed poorly then excess water can cause rot, mould, damp and other problems in the building and surrounding structures, such as driveways and pavements. 

In dry, forested areas people are well aware that debris, such as dry leaves, can provide a welcome for hazardous stray embers. However, fire is a concern anywhere, and gutters that are choked-up or made of a flammable material, such as vinyl, create a vector along which house fires can spread. 

A damp-free environment is not only more healthy and pleasant but cuts down on structural maintenance. This can range from external paint-work or re-varnishing to the awful disruption and expense that structural work entails. In addition to all of the above, there is a safety issue: any person skilled in DIY can find advice about guttering, but working at height requires training and protective equipment and should never be done alone.

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