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Gutter Planters

May 24th, 2016 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

gutter plantersGutters are not just for dealing with rain and drainage around your house! A gutter planter is a great way to use vertical space to spruce up your property.

Gutter planters are innovative and whatever you can imagine growing with a gutter, you likely can. There are many options for using these space saving pieces to grow fruit, vegetables, or flowers.

Using small sections of gutters, you can attach them to fences, off of railings with hooks, or alongside your deck rails. Simply add soil and seeds or plants, and you will be off to a great start.

Others use lengths of chain or rope to create a gutter planter ladder structure that can be attached to any tall surface. This maximizes on your space and allows for an interesting tiered look that is easy to maintain.

Gutter caps are ideal to seal off the ends of any gutters you cut. This is an excellent way to custom fit your planters to your available space, ensuring you have not wasted any chance to get growing. Any other hardware you might need, from chains to hooks, should be available at a hardware store.

When you are choosing plants for your gutter planters remember to choose varieties that do not need a very deep amount of soil for their roots. This may limit your plans somewhat, but there are many plants, vegetables and flowers that will thrive in a shallow setting.

A gutter garden is incredibly customizable. You can paint the gutters, or choose a beautiful metal variety that already looks great without needing to do any extra work. Whatever you choose, it will certainly make for an interesting, unique, and mesmerizing method of gardening.

Try this inexpensive project for your spring or summer planting and enjoy the results of your work!

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