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How can I keep my gutters from freezing in the winter?

September 25th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

Although seeing icicles hanging from the roof of your house may not be a common occurrence in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, all it takes is one surprise snowfall and a cold snap to happen. Considering that the entire area is a rainforest and winter sees a huge amount of precipitation, it wouldn’t take much to overflow a frozen gutter system.

With all the rain, and possibly snow, there’s a good chance gutters could end up freezing during the wintertime. This is a horrible proposition as ice can cause major damage to your home and force you to spend far more money than you want on gutter repairs. Ice expands as it freezes, causing the gutters to warp and crack. Clogged downspouts that freeze over can lead to bad drainage and foundation problems. What’s the best solution? Don’t let them freeze over.

Frozen gutters

Once very effective way of preventing your gutters from freezing over is by ensuring they are properly sloped. What does that mean? Simply, the gutters should be sitting at a slight slope to ensure that all water runs down to the downspouts. If the gutters are too flat, the water will just sit there and freeze overnight.

Another important step in gutter maintenance is to keep them clean. Fall always results in leaves and other debris falling onto the roof of your house and that could end up clogging up the entire system. Again, the water will just sit there and freeze when the temperatures get colder. A great way to prevent this is by installing leaf and needle guards and hiring a professional gutter cleaner.

At Precision Gutters, we can help with both methods, from checking and adjusting the slope to coming in and cleaning your gutters for you. Come and talk to us today to find out more ways we can protect your home.

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