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Is it time to Change your Gutters? A quick list of things to look for

September 9th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Installaton |    0   

We know that the last thing you want to think about is replacing your gutters. Gutters are something that you don’t want to think about – you just want them to work properly and keep water out of your home.

Installing gutters

But the National Association of Home Builders estimates that the average life of steel and aluminum gutters is 20 years. Copper gutters should last up to 50 years. If your gutter system is getting close to that age, or if you notice some of the following problems, you may have to start thinking about replacing your gutters.

1)    Visible cracks or other damage
Gutters have cracks you can’t fix, dents, are bent, and/or are starting to pull away from your home.

2)    Peeling paint or rust
Water has already started to damage the metal and it’s just getting weaker and more porous. You may also notice rust stains on the house paint.

3)    Water damage under your gutters
There may be rotting wood or water marks under your gutters.

4)    Leakage
The water isn’t going down the pipes as designed, but running through cracks of breaks in the pipes.

5)    Landscape erosion
The water is draining properly but is starting to eat away at the land underneath the gutters.
In the best case scenario, your gutter system can be repaired and strengthened. Sometimes these problems can be easily fixed with small repairs and some pipe replacements.

But in other cases, the whole system has become compromised and you need to replace your whole gutter system. Precision Gutters is an expert in the Lower Mainland with many years experience in keeping your home water-free. We use the best materials and follow best practices to ensure that your home will be dry and safe. Come and talk to us if you think your home may need a new gutter system.

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