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Let it flow! Get the grunge out of your gutter before the rats move in for a house party!

May 30th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

Guttering must be properly installed in the first place, of course, but maintenance is also essential to ensuring that gutters protect you home. When gutters fill up with junk, they may bow, and are more likely to leak, clog, suffer from pooling, or even detach. The gentle gradient at which the gutter approaches the downspout may also be affected. This will be specific to the design of your roof, the type of guttering and the local weather – which is why installation is a job best left to professionals. Guttering should be cleaned 3 or 4 times a year: beginning and end of Fall, Winter, and Spring. The exact times for clearing and scrubbing will depend on how many trees are around your home and when they drop needles, nuts, fruit, or leaf-buds. 

There is another issue with gunky gutters – an irksome task for you (also best left to professionals really), but a banquet/penthouse as far as local wildlife is concerned. British Columbia has a rat problem – and the rats in Vancouver even became an election issue. There are two types – Norway rats and Roof rats. Yes. An entire separate species of rat just for your roof. They will move in as the weather turns. Rats will nest, gnaw, and dig around your guttering and drainage, but they also pose a threat to your health: Vancouver rats have tested positive for superbugs MRSA and C.difficile. 

Maintaining your gutters is pretty much the same as rat-proofing them:

  • Leaf screens will keep your gutters flowing, but they will also prevent rats from getting in, especially when secured with the metal clips provided. Any leftovers can be fitted to downspout openings with plant ties.
  • Vegetation should be pruned so that is kept away from the roof. Rats can jump up to 8 feet and are nimble climbers.
  • OK, so leaves can’t do this… but rats can run along utility cables, so a plastic ‘baffle’ should be fitted to cabling that enters your home.

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