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Let’s Talk About Leaves!

August 12th, 2015 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

pine needles gutters.jpgAutumn is coming! It’s only August but someone is going to starting talking about family Christmases any day now, and it won’t be long before that awful term ‘shopping days’ threatens to clog up real life. But before all those things comes a serious reminder: leaves. Lots of them! Depending on the foliage around your home, the pitch of your roof, prevailing wind and despite the promises of many manufacturers, there will be problem spots. Every guttering system needs to be managed during the autumn if it is to function well all winter. The benefits of working with experienced fitters who know the Vancouver and lower mainland area is that they have seen various systems tried and tested over the years and can give you first-hand advice. At Precision Gutters we will also try to work with companies that have a good environmental record, such as Lindab. 

Because much of the foliage in the Vancouver and lower mainland area is pine, people assume that leaves won’t be such a problem. Wrong! Leaf guards are like sieves that sit on top of gutters, preventing the debris from entering down pipes. Water will carry pine leaves into a system, where others might be blocked. For example – stretched aluminium leaf guards won’t stop all fir needles – but perforated aluminium will do a better job. Occasional debris will help clear gutters that are suffering a build-up of smaller particles. However, needle-type leaves will quickly form a nest that can become wedged in pipe work and impede water flow. Quality gutter installations will also include a leaf catcher, which re-sieves water flowing through the down-spout.  

Now is the time to set up maintenance appointments or get up a ladder yourself, while it’s dry. Working at height is never more perilous than in wet and icy conditions. Please consider leaving this job to professionals with cranes. Nothing will do more damage to your pristine Lindab guttering than dangling from it by one arm while your life flashes before your eyes.

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