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November Was a Record Month for Rain in Vancouver

February 10th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

November was a historically wet month for the city of Vancouver. In fact, Vancouver tied a record set in 1983 with rain on 27 of the 30 days in November. The total rainfall for the month was 192.2mm, just a few millimetres greater than normal.

A rainy night in Vancouver

When the rain is really coming down in buckets (28mm on November 19th), a home needs to have a top notch gutter system to handle the downpour. All that precipitation needs to be properly drained off the roof, down the pipes, and funnelled away from the foundation. Without a structurally-sound gutter system, a home owner could be facing a huge amount of water damage and tons of expensive repairs.

This is one of the reasons why Precision Gutters offers all kinds of rain gutter services. Starting from the beginning with a proper installation, we use the best materials, properly trained crews, and ongoing support. There is no subcontracting at Precision Gutters. If someone from Precision Gutters comes to install new gutters, they are our employee and they’ve been properly trained to work safely and efficiently.

We also continue our service by offering gutter cleaning and repair services. We know that most people do not want to get up a ladder, especially when the rain is falling, to clean out their dirty gutters. But we are happy to come to your home and make sure that everything is clean, the water is flowing smoothly, and your rain gutters are doing exactly what they were built to do.

Rain in Vancouver can be a depressing part of the fall and winter. And 192.2mm of rain is going to make anyone feel a little blah. But we can cheer you up knowing that Precision Gutters is making sure that rain doesn’t dampen your winter and we’ll keep your home dry.

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