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Preventing Foundation Damage with Leaf Screens and Catchers

May 30th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

A few autumn leaves, debris from the roof, a few clumps of moss that slid into the gutters... we mostly think of them as a hassle. They tell us we need to get up in the ladder and remove them. Or maybe pay someone to do it.


Water overflowing the gutters is a nuisance, and can damage the fascias and soffit. Water retained inside clogged gutters can freeze and cause expansion damage. And of course, you get soaked walking beneath the eaves.

What commonly escapes our attention is that overflowing gutters could also damage the building's foundations.

When clogged gutters overflow, the water bypasses the normal avenues that gets it to the sewer. Instead it falls straight down, next to the house, pooling by the foundation, which in the short term can lead to a flooded basement.

But pooling water also saturates and weakens the soil, putting added pressure on the foundation. This can cause it to bend or crack in the long run.

To make matters worse, when the water finally drains off it takes some of the soil away with it, causing the foundation to shift. This resettling causes cracks in walls, chimneys, and along the foundation itself, as well as uneven floors.

Cracks in the foundations are always bad news. Even without structural weakening or collapse in the immediate picture, foundational cracks bring about flooded basements, and generally unhealthy conditions such as humidity and mold.

Leaf Screens and Leaf Catchers

There are two additions to your gutter system that can provide you with peace of mind and save you some cash between cleanups.

The leaf screen is quite possibly the best and simplest way to prevent clogging in your gutter system. Leaf screens will diminish the need for maintenance - without, of course, eliminating it altogether.

The Precision Perforated Leaf Screen has no match in the market. It is strong, durable, and highly efficient. Aside from foliage, it also helps your gutter system deal with snow, ice and hail.

Precision Gutters, of Vancouver, BC, also engineered and produced the Leaf Catcher. This innovative product allows the debris through the funnel atop the gutter, only to catch it in a trap situated near ground level, thus preserving the perimeter drains from large particles that may clog it.

Installing a leaf catcher to existing downpipes is very easy, and its slanted screen is designed for self cleaning and ease of maintenance.

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