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Rain Drainage – Know Your Options

February 10th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

Rain-Barrel (1).jpgMost people know what gutters look like, and use them on their homes – but there are a few different and exciting alternatives for rain drainage that can complement your gutter system. Read on to learn more about popular rain drainage options. 

A rain barrel for a Vancouver home is a good way to collect the rain around your home, giving you water to use for gardening, or drinking water for animals. Rain water is free, and rain barrels make collecting this free resource that much easier. Available in numerous colours and finishes to match your home or add a bit of beautiful contrast, they are both stylish and functional. 

Rain barrels in Vancouver are equipped with a small faucet so you can easily fill up a watering can or other vessel, without having to splash around or deal with the entirety of the rain barrel. This is a wonderful and easy way to be eco-friendly and maximize the water nature provides! 

A rain chain for your Vancouver home can be an interesting alternative to a down pipe. You can choose a rain chain, or chain drop, when a down pipe simply won’t work, or you can pick it as something different even if a down pipe would fit. The only stipulation is that the lengths of the chains should be no more than a storey to a storey and a half, or it could cause too much splashing. 

Rain chains can be simple or decorative, constructed in beautiful shapes like fish, flowers, umbrellas and more, or made as simple lengths of linked chains. They also come in different finishes, so you can find the perfect rain chain for your Vancouver buildings, that are sure to match the rest of the building’s exterior and decor.

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