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Repair or Replace? Can your gutters be saved?

March 29th, 2016 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Repair |    0   

repair or replace butters to increase home valueReplacing your home’s built in gutters can be quite expensive which is why repairing your existing system might sound like the better option. Gutters can be repaired if they have been cracked, broken or have suffered from natural weathering over time, however, is it worth it in the long-run?

Could it actually be more cost-effective to bite the bullet and pay for a new rain gutter installation?  It may be worth your while to look into replacing your gutters if they are no longer functioning properly because with new gutter systems available today made with nickel, zinc, or stainless steel, it could be a wise investment that will pay itself off later.

A couple things to look for when you are deciding whether to replace or repair your gutters, are (1) Looking at the coloration of the gutters; and (2) Consider how old your home is and when they last time they were replaced. Discolouration from rust, rot and normal weathering may be a sign your gutters need some attention. If your home is older and your gutters have not ever been replaced then it is normal to expect them to become bent, cracked, or deformed over time as the structure of the home wares with age. In some instances your gutters may be able to be re-aligned by a professional but in more serious cases you will need to get them replaced.

In general, if your gutters only have a single leaky joint or maybe a couple rusted holes then this could be a rather quick fix and replacements may not be necessary. However, if your gutters have multiple problem areas then overall, they won’t last much longer and they should be replaced. If you are unsure, seek out the guidance of a gutter professional who can inspect your home and give you an expert opinion.

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