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Collector boxes, scupper boxes or conductor boxes. They all mean the same thing. They have eye appeal and are useful too. As gutter outlets they add style and complement your home’s exterior.

If you are needing something different for your rain gutters. Whether it is for function or style, if we can’t find it we’ll make it. Our shop is well equipped to cut, form, weld and assemble most of what you can dream up.

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Collector Box

The collector box can be installed as a functioning water collector, or installed for its architectural beauty. Used to pick up water at roof valleys, or to tie two or more pipes together, the collector box can turn an unsightly requirement into an architectural feature.

Installing one or more collectors to an otherwise plain wall is an inexpensive way of adding a nice detail to any home.

They can be made from aluminum, copper or steel. From plain Jane to ornate, it’s really up to your imagination.

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