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Rain Chains

The chain drop (rain chain) can be a decorative alternative in situations where a regular downpipe is not suitable, or where the designer desires a unique feature or look for the home. Surface tension causes the water to follow the chain to a ground drain, water feature or a bed of gravel.

Rain chains are mesmerizing to watch and lovely to listen too. Grab a coffee, a chair and relax, listening to nature.

They come in many different varieties, copper, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel. Also, they come in varied shapes, umbrellas, fish, buckets, the shapes are endless!

Check out rain chains Canada for more rain chain inspiration. 

(chain lengths should be limited to 1 to 1 ½ storey heights due to splashing)

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Rain Barrels

More and more municipalities are encouraging the use of Rain Barrels as a way to collect water for gardening or drinking water for animals. Not only are they beneficial to the environment, but they can also add character to your home.

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