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Gutters come in a variety of shapes, colors, thicknesses and materials, but in the end, they are all supposed to do the same thing: protect your home from the elements.

We have worked hard to develop the optimum gutters for our climate, and we've narrowed the best down to three profiles: the Original 5" Colonial, our innovative Super 5, and the Lindab Steel Half Round Gutter.   For industrial installations, we also offer the 6" Lindab Steel Half Round Gutter and 6" Colonial.  We carry a Wide-base Crown, Wide-base 2 Step, and a Flat Face machine for repairs, but we do not recommend these profiles for new installations.  

Silver Lindab.jpgMore than just rain gutters, we offer a large assortment of ideas to enhance and beautify your home. Many of our products help to reduce maintenance costs as well as protecting against the elements.  Here you will find items which can be added to existing gutter systems, installed with a new rain gutter system or supplied for do it yourself projects. We manufacture several of our own products and can help with design and fabricating custom gutter components.

If you are looking for something special and don’t find it here, give us a call and we will source it for you if we don’t already carry it.

Super5 Fascia

Super5 Fascia Click here to view our pdf

Hybrid of the 5" and 6" Colonial Style, the Super5 is fast becoming the standard for fascia gutter. This gutter looks great on any fascia style and fulfills the performance without the expense of commercial size gutters.

Aluminum Half Round Installed5" Colonial Click here to view our pdf

Generally it’s the best choice for the Vancouver region. A classic look with soft shadow lines suites contemporary and heritage style homes. The base is wide enough to accommodate large flush style outlets for increased flow and less maintenance.

Euro Gutter Click here to view our pdf

The Euro style is a half round non continuous gutter. Its shape lends well to heritage style homes, both new and old. Copper is a popular material where the budget allows, and is also available in steel and zinc.

6 Inch.png6" Industrial Click here to view our pdf

Ideally suited for large roof areas found in commercial buildings, this profile can handle large volumes of water. The classic look lends to both commercial and residential applications where maximum drainage is required.

2Step Fascia Click here to view our pdf

The deep back design allows this gutter to replace the fascia board on new homes, and can add a contemporary look to homes with 2×8 or larger fascia boards.

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