How Team Precision is dealing with Covid-19


How we’re preparing our company and ourselves

Precision Gutters is currently offering our sales/office employees options to work-from-home, construction companies typically require healthy tradespeople to be on-site. We encourage our tradespeople to social distance while coming to the workplace and construction sites. Asking that they drive to the job site alone, maintain distancing while at work, staggering our work trucks at the beginning of the day and when returning to the yard so that we can sanitize after every truck leaves or returns. Making sure we have gloves, masks, sanitizers etc. for each team member.

A daily safety meeting:

As with any safety measures, we’re reminding our workers how to minimize risk coming to work and on the job site. We’re limiting and restricting people working in close proximity to each other, it’s actually fairly easy to do on a construction site. That being said, we’ve communicated with the trades and workers who have loved ones at home or parents who may be immune-compromised and just aren’t wanting to risk possible exposure, they have the option to stay home depending on what their tasks are.

We have become “paperless”, ensuring that our staff does not have to handle the paperwork. Instead, everything is now communicated by computer/iPad or phones.

For anyone not feeling 100%, staying home is strictly enforced for the 14-day quarantine.

In preparation for increased absenteeism, we’ve always cross-trained our employees to handle multiple functions anyways. Our tradespeople are all very competent when it comes to jumping in and getting work done, even if certain tasks don’t fall within their jurisdiction.

We’re also pretty sure all of our trades and suppliers are doing their part to stay safe and abide by advised health precautions. The dually important thing to do for us right now is to communicate all the potential impacts on schedules. Managing expectations between us and our clients when we have an issue with a handful of people staying home, and what we expect the delays to be.

It could be the case that in the near-future a project owner will say that the risk is too great to continue work if the site is near to where there are more cases, or close to a medical facility or an area where the exposure risk is high. Our owners understand what’s going on right now. Everyone is talking on a daily basis. Most of our owners won’t visit the job site! They’re working from home or one to an office, preferring to received updates via phone or online through our project management software.

Another main concern is eventually, there will be a delay in the supply chain of materials. All trades and suppliers we’re dealing with so far haven’t had any disruptions. People are still working, providing the same service and speed as usual. We’re very grateful for this. However, certain supplies could be disrupted, and all we can do is prepare for this, knowing there could be certain ramifications. This is a worst-case scenario and we really hope it doesn’t come down to this. We’re continuing to run our daily operations as we normally do at this time. Thankfully the construction industry has been deemed by the federal government as an ‘essential service’ and we agree wholeheartedly.

Now more than ever it’s important to keep everyone safe and healthy and practicing hand washing and social distancing!

From all of us at Team Precision, stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane!