How to Tell if Your Gutters Need an Upgrade

Gutters are an essential part of a well-maintained home. Home gutters are sturdy, and tend to last a long time. However, often external factors like ladders or fallen branches can damage gutters. How do you know when it is time for a gutter upgrade? There are some telltale signs to look for when deciding if your gutters are up to the task, or if you need to upgrade. These signs are:

–        Holes or Cracks

–        Gutters pulling away

–        Pooling water and eroded dirt

Hole or Cracks

Small holes may be able to be fixed using a sealant, or small pieces of flashing, but if there are many larger holes, or long cracks running along the gutter, it may be time to upgrade and get a new gutter installation.

Gutters Pulling Away

If you find that your gutters are constantly pulling away from the roof, it may be time to replace them. Often, if the fasteners will no longer hold the gutters secure, it is due to rotting fascia, meaning those might need to also be replaced at the same time.

Pooling Water and Eroded Dirt

If you find that even when cleaned out the water tends to pool or overflow from the gutters during a rainstorm, it may be a sign of needing new gutters. Also, be on the lookout for eroded dirt and landscaping under problem spots or drain spouts. This might be a sign that your gutters are not diverting water properly, and if left unfixed, this could lead to foundation problems.

You may also choose to a new gutter installation to improve the aesthetic of your home, or even to install covered gutters that do not require debris being cleaned out. Keep an eye open for any of these signs that it might be time to upgrade your gutters.

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