This home was a typical Vancouver box home.

The top half of the home exterior had stucco and the bottom half was the original horizontal cedar siding with an additional layer of vinyl siding installed over top.

Precision Gutters Exterior Siding Division started demolition and surface preparation required the removal of the wall stucco, the stucco soffit, vinyl siding and cedar siding. The substrate was then cleared of all fasteners and checked for rot and structural integrity.

There were two areas of concern found during visual inspection.
One was a hole where an old vent had been eliminated.
The second was a small area of mould. Both issues were corrected prior to installing Tyvek house wrap to seal the envelope.

Blueskin and primer adhesive was applied around all window and door flanges to ensure a watertight seal, prior to wood trim packages being installed.

The scope of work for installation consisted of new horizontal vinyl siding, 2x6 window trim package with custom sills, 2x6 door trim package, installation of primary, secondary and through-wall flashings, a new window installation on the garage and new vinyl soffit on both the house and garage.
New comb-face fascia board, new gutter and downpipe were installed on the house and garage.

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