Darlene M

Extremely Please With The Installation

I am writing to say that we are extremely pleased with the installation of our new gutter
system for our home in Pitt Meadows by Sean and his co-worker on June 18th.
It was clear to see that his experience in the field allowed him to work around some less than
perfect situations left by a recent roof installation, and the pride he took in doing a job
properly (rather than slapping up new gutters and leaving), showing the way they
installed the system to allow maximum proper drainage of water from our roof and
keeping water from degrading areas that had been previously over-exposed and starting
to degrade.
Sean’s professionalism and courtesy were greatly appreciated and the new gutter system
looks wonderful.
Your company is welcome to come and take any photos of the completed work that you would like,
just give me a call ahead of time to let me know you are coming.