Superior snap-in fitting

The beauty of Lindab is in the details. High tolerance manufacturing produce snap together parts, simplifying installation for professional results, whether you are a seasoned tinsmith or a homeowner working on a DYI project you will appreciate the quality finish.

Galvanized steel sheeting

To provide durable rust proofing the steel is coated with 275g zinc per sq. meter. The galvanized coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cut being automatically sealed by zinc ions, which wander to re-coat the uncovered steel.

Vibrant finish

All components fabricated from sheet, are coated with an extra durable high-build polyester paint. This coating is applied at the metal factory before part processing, ensuring full protection of the material inside and out. Competing products are often painted after forming, resulting in voids between seams and more importantly inside surfaces of pipes where corrosion is a concern. Not only does this make Lindab more resilient to the environment, but provides a consistent beauty inside and out.

Heavy metal parts are electrostatically coated by robotic arms at the Lindab factory with a powder coating and baked to a hard finish.

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