Rain Gutter Products & Systems | Precision Gutters Ltd 


At Precision Gutters, we supply and install some of the world’s best rain gutter systems in a variety of materials. As well as conventional Aluminum, we sell Steel (Lindab Rainline Gutters), Copper and Zinc systems. We also manufacture a variety of leaf catching boxes, leaf screens, K-funnels and built-in (hidden gutters).

Purpose of rain gutters

In case you’re wondering – the main purpose of a rain gutter system is to protect a building by channeling water away from its roof, walls and foundation. Good gutter systems also help to reduce wear and tear of building roofing boards and prevent leaks into basements and crawlspaces.

Regardless of the type and style of rain gutters installed, all gutter systems should be inspected for cleaning and repair twice every year.

Precision Gutters installs and maintains a variety of rain guttering systems for homes, strata, commercial and industrial buildings in most of the Lower Mainland.

If you have any questions please contact us at 604-888-5112 or email sales@precisiongutters.com