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Aluminum Gutter Systems

Gutters come in a variety of shapes, colours, thicknesses and materials, but in the end, they are all supposed to do the same thing: protect your home from the elements.

Aluminum seamless gutters or continuous Aluminium gutters are roll-formed right from the back of our work truck.

We have worked hard to develop the optimum gutters for our climate, and we’ve narrowed the best down to three profiles: the Original 5″ Colonial, our innovative Super 5, and the Lindab Rainline Steel Half Round Gutter.   For industrial installations, we also offer the 6″ Lindab Rainline Steel Half Round Gutter and 6″ Colonial.  We carry Aluminum Gutters Systems in a Wide-base Crown, Wide-base 2 Step, and a Flat Face machine for repairs, but we do not recommend these profiles for new installations.

More than just rain gutters, we offer a large assortment of ideas to enhance and beautify your home. Many of our products help to reduce maintenance costs as well as protecting against the elements.

If you are looking for something special and don’t find it here, give us a call and we will source it for you if we don’t already carry it.

Roll-form, seamless or continuous aluminum gutter systems have been the material of choice for gutter in North America since the late ’70s.  It’s cheap, rust-free and easy to install.  Not only that, but the colour variety and an average 15-20 year life span make it a solid choice for the budget-conscious consumer and new construction.

5″ COLONIAL Aluminum Gutter System

The most common gutter in Vancouver.   A classic look with soft shadow lines that suit contemporary and heritage-style homes.  The 3.1″ base accommodates the large 2 3/4″ aluminum flush mount style outlet for better efficiency and less maintenance.




SUPER5 Aluminum Gutter System

Hybrid of the 5″ and 6″ Colonial style gutters, the Super 5 gutter has become the new standard in fascia gutter.  The deep profile carries larger volumes of water while maintaining the wide 3.1″ base for those 2 3/4″ flush mount outlets.  This gutter looks great on both homes with no fascia board and those with large fascia boards.  Commercial performance at the residential level.



6″ INDUSTRIAL Aluminum Gutter System

Ideally suited for large roof areas found in commercial buildings, this profile can handle large volumes of water. The classic look lends to both commercial and residential applications where maximum drainage is required.



Though still in use by several companies, the “Wide-based” Crown, 2 Step and other narrow bottom fascia gutters are no longer up to snuff.  Their limited 2” or 2 3/8″ maximum outlet size just doesn’t keep up with the rains that the West Coast throws at us.  However, we understand that accidents (and garbage trucks!) happen, and sometimes just a couple of pieces are needed to fix your existing system.  We keep these machines around for just that reason.


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