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Fall is here - Time to Clean the Gutters

December 9th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Cleaning |    0   

The most beautiful thing about fall has to be the leaves. You watch them change colours, turning from a brilliant green to a gorgeous red and gold, and you can’t help but get out your cellphone and snap a few pictures.

Unfortunately, those leaves eventually fall off the trees and land on your roof. Then, when the rains come (and they will come, no matter if it’s Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, or wherever), the leaves get flushed into the gutters.

Leaves in the gutters

This is why fall is gutter cleaning season. This is the time to get up on the ladder and get your hands messy. Or, if you have no desire to get your hands dirty, and you’d rather leave it to a professional, this is the time to hire an expert to come and clean your gutters.

There are two big reasons why gutter cleaning is so important, especially in the fall.

First, gleaning gutters in the fall prevents big clogs from forming during the winter. As the rain pours and flushes the leaves down the pipes, and they get trapped in the joints and bends of the gutter system, there is a chance that a clog will simply get bigger and thicker, until eventually nothing gets through. If we have another cold winter like last year, that freezes and causes damage to the gutters. Instead of cleaning them, you’re now replacing them.

Second, water drainage. It’s going to rain in the Lower Mainland during the winter. A lot. And you need your gutters to be clean and working properly. If they’re not clean and clear, and the water isn’t draining properly, you could be looking at structural damage to your house, water leakage in the foundation, and this could become very expensive in the long run. You want that water running off your home the way the gutter system was designed to do.

So call Precision Gutters, and we’ll come out and make sure your gutters are cleaned and ready for another wet winter.

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