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How European Gutters Change the Look of Your Home

September 9th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Installaton |    0   

european rain guttersAesthetics and curb appeal are some of the things that every homeowner should consider when making changes to their home exterior. Working with the age, style and colour of your home are just a few considerations when purchasing rain gutters. The right gutters can easily change the look of your home and the quality of Lindab European gutters will protect it from the elements while also enhancing the design.

Steel is becoming a more popular choice for gutters because of its durability and long life span. Coated first with a zinc-coating to prevent rust, then an extra durable high-build polyester paint is applied at the factory, ensuring full-protection of the metal. Lindab gutters are the only gutter with a leak-free, no sealant design that uses pressure-fit rubber gaskets to seal seams and end caps. It’s half-round profile is a popular option and ideal for areas that have extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains, and snow. The additional components that are part of the Lindab system, are also coated with electrostatically with a powder-coating baked to a hard finish.

Deck gutters are a more recent addition on the market, and are an integral part of expanding the lifespan of any deck. While face-mount railings are a requirement on decks, a new type of gutter hanger is specifically designed to sit under the fascia board to allow a Lindab gutter to be installed. These will protect the deck and surfaces below and enhancing the look of your deck by blending in seamlessly with the design of your home.

Similar to choosing shutters, fascia, trim and other elements for your house exterior, gutters can compliment the look of your home. Superior quality, European style rain gutters will protect your home from the elements and will enhance your exterior at the same time. Contact European Gutters for a free estimate.

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