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How long do aluminum gutter outlets last?

May 25th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Repair |    0   

Gutter outlets are an important part of the gutter system. They are the funnels that connect the gutters to the downspouts.  They are a critical part of any gutter installation because if they are not connected properly, leaks and clogs will be a predictable problem.

There is also a concern about how long they last and how often they will need to be changed. Aluminum gutters usually last between 15-20 years, if they have been installed properly and they are cleaned regularly. This makes them an excellent investment and many people replace their gutters at the same time they have their shingles replaced.

Aluminum gutter outlasts should last as long as your gutters. They are installed at the same time, with removable strainers for easy cleaning, and if they are as well maintained as the rest of the system, you won’t even have to think about them until it’s time for the new gutter installation.

A Gutter Outlet

This is a huge improvement over vinyl gutters, which may start breaking down the moment the first rain falls. They are usually much smaller than aluminum gutters, restricting water flow, and possibly causing water damage. They can also break down as they get older, in some cases causing the downpipe to separate from the gutter.

If you have noticed water overflowing your gutters and not draining properly, that could be a problem with your gutter outlets. An easy way to spot this is to look for puddles of water collected around your home. If the water isn’t draining properly, it will collect near your house and possibly cause rot or mildew.

Because aluminum gutter outlets last so much longer than vinyl and are an effective way to improve your drainage system and protect your home, Precision Gutters recommends changing vinyl to aluminum as soon as possible. Contact us if you’re worried your gutter outlets aren’t doing their job.

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