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Rain Chains

September 9th, 2017 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

Rain chains are a more unique method to replace the original, bland, or inappropriate down drains or downspouts. While a traditional gutter may offer a simple chute for the rain to follow down, a rain chain can offer a more esthetically significant replacement that allows the decoration to feed into your gutter, providing the most appropriate décor for such a necessity.

What Are They?

If you have never heard of a rain chain, you aren’t the only one, but they are nothing new and have actually been around for quite some time. The Japanese have, for several centuries, utilized these types of rain drains in order to collect the water that falls during showers, following down the fixtures to the bottom where a barrel or other collector would remain, collecting the household water. Today’s rain chains often lead to a spout of some sort, a collector, or even a gravel section offering more of a beautification purpose than anything else.


Finding the perfect rain drain chain is not too difficult, as there are several styles in both copper and steel.

  • Tulip Chain
  • Pumpkin Chain
  • Lily Chain
  • Bucket Chain
  • Umbrella Chain
  • Fish Chain
  • Galvanized Chain

More designs and styles can offer the right touch, with fall, summer, and ocean themed rain chains as well.


There is nothing to installation of your new chain rain drains, as you simply hang from where the gutter or other contraption typically remains. There is a special piece provided that will allow attachment to the eaves of the home, offering the perfect fit and the perfect use. You definitely want to follow any instructions that are provided to ensure that you are getting the most adequate use of your chains as possible.

Whether you call them gutter chains, rain drain chains, or otherwise, you are getting an excellent product that allows you to add some beauty to the typical and standard features of your home. Why not go all out and replace your typical old gutters with a product that offers such a great appeal and essence to your home. Offered in various styles, you really get the best of decoration and rain navigation, allowing you to show of your great taste in décor. You can even put whatever it is you want at the bottom for the water to be collected for your plants or just discarded towards the ground through rocks, mulch, or whatever works best.

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