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What is a perforated leaf and needle screen?

August 27th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in Gutter Installaton |    0   

One of the best things about living in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is the foliage all around. No matter where you go, there are many varieties of trees everywhere. It helps people enjoy their hikes and walks and keeps our neighbourhoods looking green and alive.

One drawback to all these leaves would be the way they clog and damage gutter systems. Leaves and pine needles fall into the gutters, wash down the drains, and get stuck in the pipes. As more and more of this debris backs up the water flow, or provides an amazing home for insects and other pests, it can cause a variety of damage and problems for any homeowner.

Leaf and Needle Screen

This is why we use a perforated leaf and needle screen to cover the gutters. A leaf screen acts as a filter to prevent any unwanted debris from entering the gutter system. Normally made of aluminum, the screens are long pieces of metal that have small holes throughout. Whatever is too big to fit through the holes won’t end up in the gutter. These holes prevent leaves and needles from possibly clogging up the drains.

Precision Gutters offers a perforated aluminum screen that keeps your gutters free of debris and mess. The design evenly distributes the weight of the material over the length of the gutters, even making them able to safely handle any surprise snowfalls. There is also a backstop design to promote ventilation and prevent water damage to the house. Combined with leaf catchers at ground level, your gutter system will be much safer.

If you’re interested in making your gutter system stronger, investing in some leaf protection, and breathing easier when the leaves start coming down in the fall, come and talk to us at Precision Gutters. We have some amazing rain gutters accessories to show and install for you.

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