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What is the difference between eavestrough and gutter?

July 26th, 2018 | by Mark Tulloch | in |    0   

Anyone who’s ever been in a home repair store, or talked to a home owner, or just wondered what those metal things attached to their house is, has heard the terms “Eavestrough” and “Gutter”. You’ve probably also wondered what the difference is, or do they mean the same thing.

When checking the dictionary for the proper meanings of the words, an eavestrough is defined as a trough attached under the eaves of a building designed for draining water from the roof and a gutter is defined as a prepared channel in a surface intended for the drainage of water. Historically, eavestrough was the term used for the metal (often aluminum) devices attached to the underside of the parts of the roof that overhang (the eaves) while gutters were predominantly used to describe the area at the side of a road adjacent to the curb.

The word gutter has also become commonly connected with sewage removal as well, since in many large cities, the gutters were originally designed as a way to remove waste from the city. This is where phrases such as “get your mind out of the gutter” or “gutter language” came from.


As English changed over the years, and people wanted to use simpler, easier ways to describe things, gutter began to mean the same thing as eavestrough. Some linguists consider eavestrough the British term while gutter is more commonly used in the United States. Canadians have grown up hearing both and may use them in the same conversation to discuss the same thing. They are considered synonyms these days. In some areas, they have been combined and you might hear the term “eaves gutter”.

Guttering and eavestroughing also refer to the same thing – the entire system that is used on the building to drain away water. People may also use it as a verb to refer to the installation of the system.

No matter what word you use to describe it, Precision Gutters will know exactly what you’re talking about and the best way to outfit your home with the guttering or eavestroughing that’s perfect for the Lower Mainland. Come and talk to us about how we can help protect your home today.

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