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Built-in Gutters

Built-in Gutters, sometimes called Hidden Gutters, are a gutter system formed by the structure at the eaves of the roof. Rather than attaching an external gutter to the outside of the fascia, a Built-In Gutter design uses the board to frame in a trough to collect rainwater at the roof edge. This requires a waterproof membrane placed over the board and under the roofing material some distance up the roof slope, depending on the pitch. A Cap Flashing is attached to the top of the board to protect and provide a finish, while a copper pipe soldered to a flange is used to drain water to a downpipe.

Built in gutters with a roof line

Common issues experienced with this type of system are poor sloping, inadequate capacity and small drains mounted too high on the slope. As the gutter is “Built-In” to the building structure, any leaks cause wet boards and structural damage.

If your home uses a built-in gutter, our best advice is to have a professional clean and inspect them for performance, before expensive wood repairs are needed. Drips can be obvious, however dark areas of wood at the fascia boards and staining or discoloration of the soffits are telltale signs of water ingress. Keep in mind that weather and temperature play a part when repairs can be undertaken, so don’t leave a problem to grow through the next winter.

At Precision Gutters Ltd, we service, upgrade and repair EPDM built-in gutter systems. Common tasks are: patching holes, repairing failed seams, replacing or upgrading outlets and full membrane replacements. We replace rotten and damaged boards, and our sheet metal shop can produce flashings and capping to fit any design in a wide variety of colours.

built in drain diagram


We are one of the few companies that repair and maintain built-in gutter systems to manufacturer specifications, using only the best products available.

If you need further information please call 604-888-5112 or email Precision Gutters at info@precisiongutters.com

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