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At Precision Gutters, we service, upgrade and repair EPDM built-in gutter systems. Poorly installed rain gutter systems leak through failed seams and around outlets. Outlets are often 1¾ inch drains that easily plug and provide minimal drainage as they are usually mounted on the side of the gutter. We can patch seams and outlet plates and enlarge outlets to 3 inch drains. Rusted capping can also be replaced.



Built-in, or “hidden gutter”, is a trend in building that really started taking hold in the 90’s with some builders.  The idea is that gutters are ugly and it would be better to hide them.  The problem is all gutters deal with water, and if there’s a slight crack or imperfection in the system, water will find its way into it.  On a normal gutter, this isn’t a problem.  It can easily be seen and repaired by someone like us.  When a built-in gutter leaks, you often won’t know until the wood rots.  Who do you call?  Well, luckily, you found us.  We are one of the few companies who repair and maintain built-in systems as per manufacturer specs, using only the best products available.  And we can replace any rotted board sections at the same time.

If you need further information please call 604-888-5112 or email Precision Gutters at info@precisiongutters.com