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Why Copper Gutters?

Copper is a soft metal that can be manipulated and conformed into beautiful custom designs.  It has been used both practically and aesthetically for gutter and downpipes for over 100 years. Copper is the longest lasting of all gutter material, though it goes through several different stages and colours changes (Patina) throughout that lifetime.

Many people shy away from copper as they think it is too expensive to install. But you have to factor in the benefits of copper, like longevity (up to 100 years), durability and curb appeal.

Copper can withstand extreme climates and seasons. They will not weaken with constant exposure to the elements. Copper does not rust or rot and will remain beautiful for decades.

The patina of copper happens gradually over many years, from the bright and shiny first years to a lovely green hue over an extended period of time. Always changing and always appealing. Be the envy of your neighbourhood!


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