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In the last few years, every municipality has made face-mount railings a requirement on all new decks.  Though it provides more space on your deck and reduces that chance of water damage, it also makes it next to impossible to install a functioning gutter… or so the industry thought.  At Precision Gutters Ltd.  we created a new type of gutter hanger that’s specifically designed to sit underneath the fascia board and allow a full sized Lindab Gutter to capture any water that drains over the edge.  

Precision Gutters sells, installs and maintains quality gutter systems throughout Greater Vancouver. Deck gutters are one of many specializations offered.

Residents of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have become quite used to seeing face-mount railings. Every newly built deck must use them. A face-mount railing is a railing system installed to the balcony edge instead of the walking surface. It offers more surface space to the deck, reduces the chance of water damage, and makes the deck look nicer by hiding the anchoring pieces.

For gutter installers, it created a gigantic problem. With the deck system now on the exterior of the deck, many contractors believed that it would be impossible to install any sort of gutter system as well. If the railings stick out six inches from the side of the deck, how could you possibly attach railings close enough to actually catch any rain?

Precision Gutters ended up having to design a new way to install gutters in a deck. There were two problems that needed to be solved. The first one was where to attach the deck gutters and the second was how to ensure it would catch the rain properly and effectively.

We created a brand new type of gutter hanger that was designed to sit directly under the fascia board. This hanger could be attached underneath the deck railing system so it wouldn’t interfere with the railings but still do its job.

Because the gutter installation was attached below the railing anchors, there would be no issues with it collecting the water as it was designed. This hanger system could hold a full-sized Lindab Gutter and capture all the water that flowed over the edge of the deck.

This is one of the reasons that Precision Gutters is the number one choice for gutter installation in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We don’t get stuck with problems – we solve them and come up with the most effective and efficient way to give you the best gutter system for your home or business. Come and talk to us today about how we can keep your home safe and dry.

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