Gutter Flashing | Precision Gutters Ltd 


Precision Gutters Ltd has a full sheet metal shop and we design and manufacture many of our own products used in our gutter installations and for retail sales. Our CNC folding machine can be programmed to bend up to 10-foot lengths efficiently and consistently from one sheet to the next.

Flashings are an important element in a good functioning gutter system. Because we manufacture our own products, we are not limited to standard profiles which may not be the best solution for the job. We offer rain gutter flashings in steel and aluminum in many colours as well as copper or zinc.

Gutter flashings can be installed just beneath the roofline and inside the gutter. They work by stopping water from running behind a gutter and seeping into building materials (fascia) and the infrastructure of a house. Flashings are bent at a 35-degree angle, which is statistically the best for diverting water.

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