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Types of Gutter Outlets

Vinyl Outlets

Basic vinyl gutter outlets can fail shortly after installation. Available in a 1-7/8” size for 2” downpipes and 2-3/8” for 2×3 downpipes they are often undersized restricting flow volumes.  Basic gutter outlets are easily plugged creating overflow issues that will cause water damage to the home and landscaping.

U.V. degradation and age will break down the vinyl, causing it to fail and leak outside of the downpipe and in some cases causing the pipe to separate from the gutter.

Aluminum Outlets

Flush mount aluminum gutter outlets will last as long as your gutters!  The standard size is 2 ¾ inches, offering double the drainage volume of a small vinyl outlet and installed with removable strainers for easy cleaning.

Funnel Outlets

Precision’s K-funnel and Fascia-funnel gutter outlets allow high volume drainage flushing small debris through the pipe system. These outlets are very effective in minimizing maintenance when your system is overwhelmed with fir needles.

white k funnel

The K-Funnel, also designed by our maintenance team, is a low-profile funnel that allows for larger debris to flow into the downpipes without restriction.  The debris will then be caught in the Leaf Catcher down below.

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