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Leaf Screens

Leaf Screens & Leaf Catchers. Leaf gutter protection systems have become very popular over the last number of years and with so many options to choose from can be confusing.

Although no system will end maintenance requirements, a good system will reduce cleaning frequency and more importantly protect your gutters and home from potential water damage.

Foliage, building location, roof pitch and aspect are contributing factors with determining the type of system and frequency of required maintenance. After more than 30 years of investigating and testing systems, our conclusion is the simplest products not only work better but are most cost-effective.

Precision Gutter’s Perforated Leaf Screen is one of the strongest, most efficient screens on the market.   The design strengthens your gutter system against snow, ice and hail damage, is easy to clean if needed and is easily removed should a gutter repair be required.

Gutters simply move rainwater from the eave to the ground, and a good screen will prevent debris from entering the gutter thereby clogging the outlet. A large outlet permits smaller particles to flush through the downpipe without damming. Adding an affordable Leaf Catcher at ground level filters the smaller debris from clogging underground drains, which are more difficult and costly to maintain.


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Why do gutters clog?

Apart from the debris which finds its way into the gutters, the major components of any gutter system is the size of the outlet or drain. A small opening will dam with debris much quicker than a larger one. Large leaves will quickly clog any system.

What damage can be done?

Over-flowing gutters can literally be carrying over a ton of water on a typical home, straining the fasteners and gradually causing them to loosen. Water damage to the structure, potential leaks into the home, rot and mildew are good reasons to maintain your gutter system.

Leaf Catchers

The leaf catcher is an innovation engineered and manufactured by Precision Gutters. Leaf Catchers run on a different theory than Leaf Screens. Instead of keeping the debris up at roof level, Leaf Catchers work by catching material carried by rainwater to a convenient height near the ground.  This system works most efficiently with large flush mount or K- Funnel outlets.  Simple and effective, the Leaf Catcher prevents large particles from entering perimeter drains and likely expensive repairs.

Installed to existing downpipes near ground level, the sloped design promotes self-cleaning and debris is easily removed by hand. Installed alone, or in combination with a Leaf screen and K-Funnel for maximum protection.

Install alone to prevent underground drainage problems, or modify your gutters with a Leaf screen, K-Funnel and Leaf Catcher system for minimal maintenance.

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As with all of our products, we sell direct for DIY customers.

Leaf Screens & Leaf Catchers. We service what we sell and offer unique products and design ideas to solve problems or to enhance the appearance of your home.


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