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Lindab Rainline TM is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, adaptability and ease of installation. Lindab Gutter Systems suit residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether you are a DIY weekend warrior, architect or builder, Precision Gutters have the answers for all your roof drainage issues.

  • Durable and flexible
  • Adaptable to any architectural design
  • A wide range of components
  • Easy to install
  • Premium steel construction
  • Fully mechanical
  • 9 vibrant colors in extra-durable polyester paint

The Superior Quality System

Lindab Rainline is the roof drainage system that offers the highest quality when it comes to combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation

It has been developed by professionals for professionals. And, over time, it has become their top choice. Not least because Lindab Rainline’s hard-wearing properties ensure decades of performance without rusting or leaking.

Strong as Steel

Steel is strong, versatile and durable, but it needs to be processed professionally. Lindab buys more than 200,000 tonnes of sheet steel every year. So they know what they are doing!

Steel Made To Last

Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. It is lighter than cast iron, offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic (which moves, cracks and leaks) and is inexpensive compared to copper or zinc.

Galvanized Steel Sheeting

To provide durable rust proofing the steel is coated with 275 gr. zinc per square meter. The galvanized coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cuts being automatically sealed by zinc ions, which wander to re-coat the uncovered steel.

Superior Snap-in Fitting

Every component of the Lindab Rainline System has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and smallest tolerances. The result is a system where every part snaps into the next to give a perfect fit.

Good Advice For Architects And Engineers

Along with the hardware components, Lindab Rainline offers an abundance of documentation, advice and software tools for installers as well as architects, engineers and consultants.

Our Sister Company European Gutters Canada

European Gutters Canada is the branding, resource and support web portal for Lindab Rainline TM steel half round gutter systems sold across Canada by qualified distributors and installation companies.

As the main distributor, Precision Gutters LTD. has operated a full-service rain gutter company since 1989.
Working with Lindab Sweden, we introduced Lindab Rainline Gutters to the Canadian Building Products Industry in 2011. We began installing Lindab Gutters for local homeowners, strata’s and large scale projects, and were so impressed with this system that we proudly became the Canadian Distributor. We believe nothing comes close to the performance, durability, function and beauty of Lindab Rainline Systems.

We provide product sales, installation, training and technical support. We are fully insured with Worker’s Compensation and are a licensed Home Improvement Contractor with an “A+” Better Business Bureau rating.

If your company would like more information on how to become a trained installation company or retail company that would like to carry Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems and Components please call our office 604-566-8411 or email us at

For a more in-depth look into Lindab Rainline Gutters head over to our website where you can find everything, you need to know about Lindab half-round European gutters.