Product Catalogue Lindab Half Round Gutters and Accessories

RG #1155 #1173 RG Lindab Rainline Half Round End Cap

RG #1155 #1173

RG Lindab Rainline Half Round End Cap

  • Galvanized steel coating
  • Superior snap-in fitting
  • Extra durable high-build polyester paint
  • Use one at each end
  • Universal design fits left and right

A single stop end with universal geometry that fits both right and left side of the gutter. It gives a non-leak and an efficient solution. The stop end are self-sealing with a long-lasting EPDM sealing.
The stop end is developed to fit to the gutter and to be installed without any fasteners or silicon. It saves both time and money.
The stop ends deep design gives a big tolerance if you cut the gutter not perfectly.
This product is made of precoated galvanized steel in 0,6mm thickness and EPDM rubber. Because of the high quality steel it will age in the same way as all the other products in the system and no difference in design will occur.

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