Team Precision worked with Houweling Nurseries in Delta, B. C. on this gutter renovation.

We tore down the old gutter system and replaced it with 6" white aluminum gutters and 3" Lindab Rainline downpipes.

Precision Gutters Ltd. fabricated custom bent 24 gauge steel snow brakes to match the steel roof.

Houweling's can now concentrate on growing good tasting healthy veggies, knowing that their roofline is safe and secure for many years.

The large rainwater capacity gutters along with the 3" Lindab Rainline downpipes will safely carry rainwater away from
the roof and foundation. The steel roof and snow brakes will make sure that even under a heavy snow load that snow and ice come off slowly and safely.

Houweling Nurseries is a unique greenhouse tomato and cucumber grower with nurseries the US and Delta, B.C.
They specialize in 100% Non-GMO seeds. Growing vine ripened Heirloom, Beefsteak, Roma, Grape and Strawberry tomatoes.
Along with Long English and Mini cucumbers, all picked by hand.

Check out their website, so the next time you are out grocery shopping and you see their name, you know that your produce was
grown locally and with love!

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