Our senior sales rep Shayne came out to this residential home in North Vancouver to assess the needs of the homeowners.

The owners wanted something low maintenance with curb appeal. Shayne presented them with Lindab Rainline Gutters, showing them 8 colour choices, the differences between 5" and 6" profiles, plus
the hangers (brackets) that would keep them in place and they were hooked!

The look and functionality of these half round steel gutters surpass conventional aluminum gutters.

Firstly, they are made and manufactured in Sweden, which has ensured that these gutters are made to the highest European standards.

Secondly, they are eco-friendly, have EPDM seals, the steel is galvanized which makes them self-healing, euro-style half-round gutters that are damn good looking!

Most importantly, for a home or business owner, they have a great warranty.

Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems are a perfect fit for our harsh Canadian climate. They resist rusting and carry a huge amount of rainwater from the roofline.

Area's that get large amounts of snow? No worries, with Lindab hanger components and proper installation, these European gutters can handle a huge dump of snow.

Lindab is a perfect option for decks, with the KRD hangers, they fit snuggly to the fascia of the deck, no leaking and no overflowing.

The look is clean and elegant. Plus, no dripping when you are walking underneath these gutters.

Your foundation stays dry, plus you can add a leaf catcher to catch any debris that flows down from the roofline and/or an inline diverter flowing into a rain barrel to conserve water, use it to water your garden, fill up the pond or water feature.

The possibilities are endless with Lindab Rainline Gutter Systems.

For more inspiration on Lindab Rainline Gutters check out our gallery!

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