Rainwater and Deck Gutters


Why is proper installation important:

Controlling rainwater isn’t just required at the roofline and we often have inquiries about deck gutters. Any situation where water needs diverting, whether you want an area to remain dry or to prevent erosion or structural damage, a gutter system is a logical solution.

This may be easier said than done. Most roll-formed gutters are made a specific size and require a structurally flat surface for attachment.

As land values rise and population density increases, more and more buildings combine outdoor space to cover the living area. Underground parkades, living roofs and decks often cover and protect contents below from weather. Deck gutters are often overlooked.

Grey Lindab Rainline Gutters on a deck

When a protective membrane fails, remedial work may be cost-prohibitive. Parkades are a good example of this, where rainwater seeps into the ground, through a failed membrane and travelling along cracks and joints in the concrete. Rainwater then carries unwanted binding agents such as calcium and limestone, damaging shiny new cars. Custom formed sheet metal and a carefully designed hanger and bracket systems can often divert drips away from expensive vehicles then carried to a drain or simply allow to evaporate.

This technique has and continues to be used as a deck gutter to capture drips from the deck edge and moved to convenient drainage, however, often unsightly and efficiency is compromised.

In the last few years, municipalities have made face-mount railings a requirement for new decks. This is primarily to reduce water ingress through screw holes penetrating the membrane, but also provides more space on your deck. This now complicates gutter attachment.

Provided the deck board is large enough, a roll-formed deck gutter may fit below the railing brackets. Additional flashing will likely be needed to prevent water from flowing behind the gutter. A preferred method is to remove the railing, install flashing with integrated drip lip, then reinstalling the railing over the flashing taking care to seal all screw holes. Alternately, a saw kerf can be cut horizontally to introduce a flashing with a sealed gum pocket.

Water tends to travel downhill but can move horizontally and even uphill under the right conditions. Decks are often not designed for a gutter system and rainwater will travel sideways due to surface tension. Introducing a trip or drip inducers such as a deck edge flashing or kerf cut in wood or concrete can help direct the water to a gutter below, but you still have the problem of mounting.

Precision Gutters has been designing and installing custom and deck gutter solutions to everything from runway lighting piers and houseboats to parkades and intricate patio covers. Lindab Rainline is a gutter system we import from Sweden and has made retrofitting challenging structures faster and with less cost.

White Lindab Rainline Gutters on a deck

Not only does the gutter look good from all angles, but the strength and variety of fastening systems and components also make this system simply the best choice for decks. We started with fabricating custom brackets and modifying standard brackets in order to mount the gutter under the deck rather than the side. Working with the factory, we helped design a standard under fascia bracket to move the deck gutter back to catch drips.

Lindab deck bracket close up

This simple solution for deck gutters (eavestroughs) has proven to be very effective, both in function and beauty. Available in rich colours to match railings or accent your home, we offer complete installations or can assist homeowners to install themselves.

close-up Lindab Rainline Gutters on deck

Rainwater and Deck Gutters

Residents of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have become quite used to seeing face-mount railings. Every newly built deck must use them, but rarely is a deck gutter allowed for in the design. The need to prevent water damage or simply to stop annoying drips is often overlooked until an owner takes possession.

Close up of Lindab Rainline deck gutter installation

Precision Gutters sells, installs and maintains quality gutter systems throughout Greater Vancouver. Deck gutters are just one of many specializations offered.

Anthracite Lindab Rainline Gutters on a deck

We don’t get stuck with problems – we solve them and come up with the most effective and efficient way to give you the best gutter system for your home or business. Come and talk to us today about how we can keep your home safe and dry.

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